The Philosophy behind Granny’s Foundation!

Why are we?… still so conscious about our eating habits like;

What we eat?

How we eat?

How much do we eat?

In this era, whatever we may eat and whenever we may eat because of the benefit of the supermarkets. While we continue to buy food items from grocery stores, pay the cashiers a good amount for all the ration, the daily bread and butter, that the farmers grow on the farms, why are they still not satisfied with such huge sales growing in the metropolitan cities?

The nation is growing, the people are evolving and everything is coming in handy with the Modernization. We have everything on the tip of our fingers, but our immune systems are degrading with all the Inorganic food supplies in the market. Even though we can have everything in the blink of the eye, the farmers are doing their hard work to provide us with all the organic food products, why is our health still going down, and why are the people getting chemically synthesized food products?

Sachin Kumar (SK), the man behind the idea of Granny’s has pondered over these questions too and came up with the solution…… Granny’s!

After living across 16 different Indian states, learning, and being a part of India’s rich food culture with a love for Desi and Organic food, Sachin came up with the idea of Granny’s. The concept of bringing Granny’s in the market is to encourage healthy eating habits again. With Organic eating habits, Indians will have a better immune system and will be able to fight any kind of virus. Granny’s aims to make India healthy again, effortlessly, by picking the right food item for their diet.

Founded on the basis of purity, trust, and care, Granny’s aims to bring health to your table, into your homes, without giving any trouble to you. Along with health, wellness, the goodness of humanity, compassion, and sustainability are also served on your table with Organic food products.

Granny’s is just not an ordinary grocery store supplying food products to the people of the nation, it is a one-stop destination for India to be healthy again. With the Organic, Desi, and Certified products available on the Granny’s app.

With over 15 years of experience in Traveling and Food, Sachin (SK) has turned his dream into a reality of making India and its people healthy and fit with Granny’s directly from the farm products. He wishes to eradicate all these products from your kitchen and replace them with Desi and Organic products, making India healthy and fit.

And, with each buy and review, you are helping and Strengthening the Farmers, FPOs & Small Agri businesses who are producing the Genuine food products…. like our Grandmothers. Farmers have years of experience, and is still suffering after doing the most for the consumers. While the farmers know home remedies just like grandmothers of the house, Granny’s also knows the healthy process to bring the home remedy to you.

Invest in your Health Fund!


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