Making ‘Organic Eating’ Habit an Interim Part of Lifestyle!

If there is something that makes everyone’s eyes sparkle and lifts the spirits on a dark and gloomy day…. it is food! 

Processed food products like pizza, burgers, or items with inorganic mixed substances could be one’s soul food, but it could never be the food for the body.

Studies have shown that organic food products, which are taken directly from the farms to the kitchen of your homes and into your plates are good for your body.

During the earlier times, in the golden era when things were simpler, bodies were healthier, and the world was virus-free; the food was organic for the people to consume. The benefit of consuming Organic food items is that it is 100% pure, authentic, and made with love and care for the consumers. Granny’s… the apotheosis of Organic food, brings 100% Organic & Desi products to your homes directly from the farms.

While in the earlier times, people did not need 100% organic food because the situation around the nation was great, but people do need authentic food items now, to survive the tough time of the Coronavirus pandemic strain. Thinking about the bygone days, one realizes that the people were much stronger, active, and energetic than, because of their healthy eating habits, as compared to the eating habits of the current generation which are making them lethargic and degrading the immune system.

Granny’s have a range of 100% Organic & Desi products like Oils, Honey, Ghee, Salt, Jaggery, Flours (Aata), Rice, Pulses, Spices (Masala), everything you need to have in your kitchen.

The evidence of the importance of Local and Organic foods has become incontrovertible. Yet vested interests in the corporate world will not change easily and there comes Granny’s in the picture with the mission to eradicate synthetic and chemical-based products from your kitchen shelves.

After focusing on the consumers’ health, Granny’s focuses on the growth of Farmers. Working directly with the Farmers, Farmer Producer Organisation (FPOs), Agri-Entrepreneur, or Agri Start-ups to strengthen them financially. Granny’s cut the work of middlemen and have one–to–one business with them. The aim is to provide the farmers a strong marketplace, Minimum Selling Price (MSP), and a platform to strengthen their financial situation by cutting the cost of the middlemen. Farmers from different places of India are coming together on this platform and getting their products delivered directly to the customers.

With the Vision and Mission to become India’s very Wellness store, delivering Organic & Desi food items, Granny’s aims to fill the lives and stomachs of the Indians with the purest food products directly from the farms to their kitchen. Bringing traditional India’s food culture back with healthy eating habits.

Granny’s… in collaboration with different States and their farmers, aims to bring the old Healthy Eating Culture back to India.

Granny’s vision is to get rid of synthetic & chemical-based products which have become an interim part of the lifestyle. 

Intending to eradicate all these products from Indians’ kitchens and replace them with Desi and Organic products, Granny’s is moving forward to make India healthy again.

Granny’s is the first platform for 100% pure healthy products directly from the villages and farms of India.

With pure healthy habits, small businesses around India are also being empowered!


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