Bringing the Love, Care & Health concern of Grandmothers with…. Granny’s! Some days she is the epitome of love!

Some days she is a bundle of cuteness who does not understand the working of this tech-savvy world, but on days she is a grandmother who cares and nurtures her family.

Not all of us are blessed with a grandmother at home to take care of the family and provide us with all the homemade products and remedies to live a healthy life.

Long gone are the days when grandmothers used to take care of the health issues of family members with her home remedy, making them fit and fine in a day without the need for medicines or artificial products in the market.

While neither can we bring your Daadis or Naanis back, nor can we bring the time back of the homemade products, but what we can bring some Desi & Organic food products, for you to be always healthy.

We have brought our version of the vigorous style of living Granny’s, connecting the digital age with traditional healthy eating habits by our Grandmothers. They have always been the heart of the family, pampering everyone with their healthy food habits, and we do not want you to forget any of that.

Just like the Grandmothers, who used to bring the healthiest and purest form of food with all the love in their heart, directly from the farms to the kitchen and your plates, Granny’s do the same! The organic and fresh products of Granny’s are here to keep you healthy, make your Immune system stronger and keep your organs healthier as it is the need of the hour. In this time of the pandemic, when the Coronavirus is too strong to enter our body, bringing a new strain one after another, your body needs to have a strong Immune system, and we cannot rely on inorganic products anymore.

Apart from the fresh food production, our range of Organic products are 100% Organically certified & procured from Farms to your kitchens. Granny’s aim to make India healthy…. effortlessly, by providing 100% Organic food products to them.

With a range of 13 types of Honey…. 100% made by Bees, different types of Edible oils, Salts, A2 Cow Ghee, Pulses, and other products.

Besides making India healthy, Granny’s also aims to empower farmers through direct business from distant places and cut down the middlemen. Going by the current scenario in India, where the farmers are on roads right now, fighting for their rights against the passed agricultural bill and demanding Minimum Selling Price (MSP) on their products. Granny’s is in the support of the farmers, providing them with the MSPs, cutting down the mediators, and bringing 100% trust to the buyers with the Organic items.

We work directly with the Farmers, Farmer Producer Organisation (FPOs), Agri-Entrepreneur & Agri Start-up to strengthen them financially, cutting the work of middlemen and having a One-to-One business with them. Granny’s aims to provide a strong marketplace to the farmers and strengthening them financially through our platform.

Albeit the 80s or the 90s cannot be brought back but, the ideology of Purity, Trust, Love, Care, and Affection & Healthy habits can be brought back when it comes to the food for the family!


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