Granny’s…is an App & Web-based Online Grocery Store!

Granny’s…a resemblance of our “Daadi-Naani” ideology of Purity, Trust, & Care when it comes to selecting food for the family.

Daadi-Naani knew what is best for you, your children & elders. This has helped us to select, Genuine (Desi) & Organic food products, acquired directly from farmers while upholding the highest standards of quality and purity, enriched with the goodness of Mother Nature… delivered to your doorstep!

Granny’s…is India’s everyday wellness store where we bring to your products from all over the country that have been tested by times, recommended by elders, and filled with goodness! At Granny’s, you can find different products for your daily life in the purest forms commercially available.  Here the team takes the effort to reach out to the farthest corners of our beautiful country to bring to you the best of the best products be it food, beauty, healthcare, etc.

Granny’s Desi, products are having a story and a passionate Farmer, FPO (Farmer Producer Organisation), and an Agri-entrepreneur & Agri Start-up behind and has a positive impact on the health of your family. We care for our farmers and FPOs by strengthening them financially through our platform.

Granny’s Organics, are a range of Organically grown products procured from farms to your kitchen.

The various Product Categories are Atta & Flours, Rice & Rice Products, Pulses (Daal), Oil, Ghee, Honey, Spices (Masala), Salt & Jaggery, Pickles (Achaar), Dry Fruits, Ayurveda & Wellness, Personal Care, Fresh Vegetables, etc.

Join the mission and book your Monthly Ration/Groceries from our Farmers….our Granny’s!

Invest in your Health Fund!

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