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Why is it that in the era of foods and Superfoods, we still seem to be confused about what to eat? Why is it that our farmers are suffering at the hands of the modern economy? We civilized for food and yet it is food that is failing our civilization. Must it be this way? Absolutely not!

Living across 15 different Indian states, witnessing and learning about India’s rich food culture, gave our founder, Sachin Kumar (SK) , one small wish – to make India healthy again, effortlessly. This is the idea behind Granny’s. Founded on purity, trust, and care, we aim to bring to your table health and wellness, along with the goodness of humanity, compassion, and sustainability.

Not just an online grocery store, but a mission, where only Organic, Desi and Certified products are available, grown and manufactured by passionate Farmers, FPOs and Agri-preneurs with years of experience, similar to our childhood heroes – our Granny’s – who somehow always seem to know the perfect cure for our ailments.

Our store shelves are listed by farmers themselves. With each buy and review, you help us and them know and cater to your needs. You can become part of influencing the income of across 10,000 farmers all while getting health delivered to your very doorsteps.

You can find the following product categories – Oils, Ghee, Honey, Spices, Salts, Jaggery, Pulses, Dry Fruits, Pickles, Vegetables, Fruits, Flours, Rice and Rice Products, Personal Care, Beauty, Ayurveda, and Wellness.

Kindly note that the products will be launched in phases, register with us to be among the first ones to know!

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